Design & Engineering

Light, Medium & Heavy Steel Fabrication Shot Blasting and Painting Cladding Works Installation of Steel Structure & Cladding

3 Yard Location in total including Size of Fabrication Facility

  • Division I -  Sharjah Industrial I   - 50.000 sq. ft.
  • Division II - Sharjah Industrial Area II   - 40.000 sq. ft.
  • Division III - Dubai Qusais - 15.000 sq. ft.

Each Division Is Separately Having The Following Facilities:

All divisions are completely covered with overhead cranes

  • 3, 5 and 10 tonnage shop cranes

Painting Facilities

Surface Preparations - Auto Shop Blasting Machine (Individually in each division)
Painting System - Airless System & Spraying Gun

Shop Facilities (CNC, Semi-Auto and Automatic Systems)

Semi CNC Bent Saw Machines - For Sections above Ø900mm

Full CNC Plasma Machines - Plates and Sections 50mm thick

Water Jet 100 HP (2 x 6m belt) - For any materials above 50 mm thick

Hydraulic Press Bending Machine -Cambering Sections (Up to 1meters Ø)

Hydraulic Press & Rolling Machine

  • Rolling Of Sections (100mm to 400mm)
  • Bending of Steel Sheets (Up To 25mm thick)
  • Rolling of Plate (1 to 25mm thick)

Auto Chamfering Machine - Up To 25mm thick

Portable Hydraulic Punching Machine - Up To 25mm thick

Shearing Machine, Press Brakes (85 to 300 ton), Radial Drill Machines

Welding Facilities

Automatic Welding Machines - For Build Up Structures

Lathe Machine Facilities

Milling Facilities


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